Seminole Council № 30 – Royal and Select Master Masons

Chartered at the city of St. Petersburg, Florida on the 19th of May, 1953

Companions meet on the second Thursday of odd months.

The degrees of the Council include:

  • The Royal Master’s degree examines in more detail the story of the recovery of the “lost” word and the Holy of Holies of the Temple of King Solomon.
  • The Select Master degree is concerned with the construction and embellishment of the subterranean vault introduced in the Royal Arch degree of the Chapter.
  • The Super Excellent Master degree concerns the story of the Babylonian Captivity, and of Zedekiah and his betrayal.

Through these ceremonies, a Mason learns more details concerning the building of the first temple. He discovers why the word was lost, and the secret of its preservation and recovery.

One of the most vivid occurs during the Super Excellent Master degree contains impressive dramatizations of truth and fidelity. The degrees of the Cryptic Rite emphasizes teachings that are instructive for a positive and gratifying life: “Let uprightness and integrity attend your steps; let justice and mercy mark their conduct, let fervency and zeal stimulate you in the discharge of the various duties incumbent on you.”